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  • The RA201 splitter allows to use just one VHF antenna to simultaneously receive the AM/FM and AIS radio signals; furthermore, the VHF transceiver can also be used.

    It is a compact, economical and safe element, easy to install in any place. It requires only a 12V power supply with maximum of just 25 mA power consuption.

    It is provided with a coaxial input for the antenna and three outputs for VHF, AM/FM radio and AIS.

    Thanks to an electronic circuit specifically developed by Glomex and the presence of a built-in preamplifier, the RA201 splitter is able to offer high performance in its three applications, ensuring effective transmission and reception for VHF.

    The splitter maximum power for VHF is 100 W, therefore twice as much as most devices on the market.


    Impedance : 50 Ohm

    Range of radio reception : 100 KHz to 200 MHz (GO/PO/OC/FM included)

    Range of transmission/reception VHF : 100 MHz to 200 MHz (marine/ham radio)

    Range of AIS reception : 100 MHz to 200 MHz

    Built-in preamplifier : 15 dB shared on two inputs (to compensate power loss)

    VHF power range : from 0.2 watts min to 100 watts max

    Maximum consumption : 25 mA

    Voltage supply : 13.8 V (from 10 V min. to 16 V max)

    Cable supply : length 60 cm (2 feet) red (+) and black (-)

    Protection : glass fuse 5x20 mm -315 mA (included)



    -VHF antenna: : SO239 jack

    -VHF : RG 58 C/U cable 60 cm (2 feet) long + male PL259 plug

    -Radio : RG 59 A/U cable 60 cm (2 feet) long + male Motorola plug

    -AIS : RG 58 C/U cable 60 cm (2 feet) long + male BNC plug


    Casing : length 83 mm (3” ¼) x width 48 mm (2”) x height 38 mm (3” ¼)

    anti-spreading metal-epoxy paint, high resistance to rust

    and oxidization

    Fixing : by 4 M4 crews



    Connect the antenna cable with a PL259 connector to the splitter RA201 S0239 jack

    Connect the marine VHF radio to RA201 using the marine “VHF radio” cable of RA201

    Connect the AM/FM radio receiver to RA201 using the “AM/FM radio” cable of RA201

    Connect the AIS receiver only to RA201 using the “AIS receiver” cable of RA201

    Connect the splitter’s power supply (use a switch to cut the power)



    Make sure that power supply polarities are not reversed: red to positive (+) and black to negative (-)

    Do not use without first connecting the VHF antenna

    Do not reverse the connections


    INSTALLATION Barca a Motore, Barca a Vela, Gommone, Nave Commerciale, Yacht, River Boat
    TECHNICAL FEATURES BUILT-IN PREAMPLIFIER Yes IMPEDANCE 50 nbsp;ohms VHF MAX POWER 100 W POWER SUPPLY 12 V CURRENT DRAW 25 mA INPUT 1 from the VHF antenna OUPUT 1 to AM FM radio nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; 1 to AIS receiver nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; 1 to marine VHF radio
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